Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil During Periods

Geranium Essential Oil for Skin

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil has been utilized for many years for its numerous medical advantages and particularly for benefitting a healthy body, wonderful and brilliant skin.

Today, Geranium essential oil for skin is utilized in fragrant healing and conventional medication to treat skin break out and other skin conditions, yet additionally to ease nervousness, balance chemicals, and actuate wellbeing.

Geranium Essential Oil (Botanical name: Pelargonium graveolens)

Geranium essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the whole geranium plant. It has a fresh, floral aroma which is liked by most people. Besides, geranium oil there is another variety called Rose Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium roseum) which is just like Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) with a faint smell of rose.

Geranium Essential Oil Benefits and Its Effects

Geranium Essential Oil Benefits

  • Geranium oil has antiseptic, anti-depressant, hypotensive, diuretic, astringent, toning, circulator, refreshing, mood uplifting properties.
  • It has a flowery fruity aroma with a middle perfumery note.
  • Geranium Essential Oil has a thin consistency and is clear in color.
  • Oil blends well with most oils but should be added in moderation as it is powerful and dominates other oils.
  • It has a balancing effect on the body and helps deal with many health problems.
  • Geranium oil has insect repellent properties.

Geranium Essential Oil Uses

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  1. This essential oil is one of the most useful oil in aromatherapy for general health treatment and skin balancing.
  2. In general health treatment and postnatally, its aroma relieves depression, fatigue, and cheer.
  3. It is a good idea to scent the labor room with geranium oil as it gives a good balance to emotions and has a lovely invigorating smell. This oil improves circulation and aids breathing in labor.
  4. Geranium oil stimulates the lymphatic system, relieves fluid retention.
  5. The oil is useful for obese people and frequently used in cellulite treatments.
  6. Geranium oil and its blends relieve premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and menopausal symptoms because of its regulatory action on hormone balancing.
  7. It is used in facial oils, creams, and lotions. This oil is excellent for all skin types. The action of geranium oil helps to balance the production of natural oils (sebum) in the skin.
  8. Geranium oil is a good reviving bath oil. It emanates a delightful skin fragrance when a geranium oil blend is applied after a bath or shower.
  9. It helps heal wounds when used in compresses, local washes, and creams.
  10. When used as a spray, it can be a useful insect repellent besides freshening up the room, particularly in old houses or places that are kept closed for long.
  11. It is good to know that there are other varieties of geranium extracts such as Lemon-scented Geranium which is used for culinary purposes. Lemon Scented Geranium leaves are used to scent icing sugar by adding the leaves to sugar a day in advance and removing the leaves the next day.

How to Use Geranium Oil

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  1. Bath
  2. Vaporizer
  3. Face and Body Massage (do a skin test for sensitivity testing before use)
  4. Facial oil
  5. Local Application and Skin Care
  6. Showers
  7. Compresses

Avoid using Geranium oil as a massage oil at the fag end of the day as it stimulates and revives you rather than relaxing you. It is a great refresher when used before an evening party.

Geranium Oil Caution

The geranium essential oil can be used during pre-conceptual care, during labor, and postnatally. Avoid using this oil on babies. During pregnancy, it can be used in low dilution to refresh rooms. It can be used for local application after 5 months in the form of gels and oils for treating edema and fluid retention problems. It helps in getting rid of menstrual cramps.

Note: Always consult a qualified aromatherapist before you think of taking any oil internally. Always dilute the essential oil and other concentrated aromatherapy oils on the skin. Do not apply them at full strength without verifying with an expert aromatherapy practitioner. Never use any oil without conducting a skin patch test for oil sensitivity or possible allergic reactions. Always seek guidance and verify safety before using any essential oil from a trained expert, regardless of what any website or book recommends.

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