The Myth’s- The Chums Menstrual Cycle

Myths and Menstruation go hand in hand and have been practiced from time immemorial. It is difficult to persuade society that some chums menstrual cycle/myths should no longer be practiced. There is a reason why these are called myths: these erroneous beliefs should not be kept in your fridge or in your brain. This blog article is all about misconceptions and helping you understand the menstrual cycle called chums.

The Myths: Chums Menstrual Cycle

Chums Menstrual Cycle

The First Myth

Women who are on their menstruation are unclean.

Whoever conceived of this must have been bored.

Chums/periods are natural phenomena that should be handled as such.

The Second Myth

Pads should be disposed of in a discreet manner, otherwise, they may cause cancer.

The only disease in this sentence is the word “cancer.”

This taboo connection with time should be avoided. This has to end.

Third Myth

Women on their periods are not permitted to enter religious buildings.

If there is a God, he would not differentiate between his or her daughters and boys.

There is just one sickness in this place, and that is superstitions and unwelcome fears.

Myth Number Four

Women should not enter the kitchen when on their menstruation.

This assertion is illogical in and of itself. No comments.

Myth Number Five

Women on their periods should avoid washing their hair since spirits may attach themselves to them.

This belief originated with ancient grandmothers who believed that cold and damp hair might bring menstruation discomfort.

The Common Troubles a Girl Faces Due Chums Menstrual Cycle

menstrual cycle called chums

  1. She Isn’t Allowed to Touch/ Visit A Few Things/Places

It is very forbidden to enter the kitchen and, in particular, to touch the pickle.

The primary cause is sick leave during chums when, as we know, child weddings occurred in India between the ages of 9 and 10 (puberty age of girls). They were daughters-in-law in a new home where the family regarded them like maids, and all domestic duties were their responsibility, no matter how exhausted they were. Some clever minds came up with the concept that “if a bleeding girl works in the kitchen, all food things would be spoiled” so that they may relax during those excruciatingly painful cramps.

  1. Plants Will Wilt If She Touches Them

Would you let your child at this age labor in agricultural fields for lengthy periods of time, even if it meant suffering from terrible cramps?

Of course not, but if she is the daughter-in-law, then working in the field and helping the family becomes her primary responsibility. Again, some smart minds saved those girls by inventing the ridiculous excuse of withering plants, which terrified the public.

  1. Do Not Go To Sacred Places Or Touch Anything Pure Since You Are IMPURE


Girls used to have to take extensive baths during the bleeding phase at a well or river, especially early in the morning, before traveling to any holy location and worshipping, which resulted in fatigue and/or staining of the cloth, making the journey difficult.

To escape the trouble, mankind had the bright notion of blaming it on God.

Well, you can’t say anything against what God desires, can you?

Our bodies changed, but our minds did not. We continue to assume that God does not want us there because we degrade women’s bodies by labeling them unclean.

  1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Or Use Shampoo Since Chums Prolongation Will Cause More Bleeding

Because everything that lowers body temperature makes menstruation cramps more unpleasant, as shampooing takes a long time to bathe and fully dry the head. Bleeding during periods/chums is caused by the endometrium separating from the blood capillaries.

Thus when the temperature drops, metabolism slows and you have to suffer greater discomfort for a longer period of time. However, shampooing has no effect on the amount of blood lost.

And these advantageous factors become constraints in our period. Instead of offering MEDICAL LEAVE, they discriminate against bleeding women as IMPURE.



Something done decades ago was done because it was appropriate at the time. It was essential to mislead people in order to improve the lives of females. Just because they did it in God’s name doesn’t imply we can’t apply common sense.

There are more myths associated with chums menstrual cycle, various times in India. Some consider it a curse, others believe it is unlucky, and still, others practice untouchability during menstruation. These misconceptions must be dispelled, and people must move forward with the passage of time.


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