Constipation Symptoms Signaling Trouble Down Below

I’ll warn you, this is not going to be a pleasant conversation. But given our fast food generation, it’s one we must have if we are truly seeking 360° health. I’m going to share some serious Constipation Symptoms below-

Are you feeling tired and fatigued? Do you tend to get headaches a lot? Or worse yet, does Symptoms of constipation give you the blues too often to mention?

Constipation Symptoms Back Pain

Constipation Symptoms

Sluggishness, headaches,  back pain, or irritability may be easy to identify as Severe constipation symptoms. However, many of us may be suffering from constipation and not even realize it. Did you know that your body is designed to eliminate after every meal?

Ideally, each time you take in food, you should be eliminating some as well. Think of it as a sewer system, the system needs to keep moving otherwise it gets clogged and backed up. Food should be passing through your system within 24 hours on a regular basis.

So if you eat three times a day, you should have a bowel movement three times a day as well. Unfortunately, the foods that we eat disrupt this process by clogging up the system. It’s so bad that many of us are walking around thinking one bowel movement every couple of days is average. Or dry, hard stools are the norm….it’s not.

The body uses elimination as a way to get rid of toxins and if you are not eliminating regularly, then all of those toxins are collecting in your body and wreaking much havoc.

Any more doubts about Constipation symptoms? Do you have a never-fail colon cleansing recipe? If so, share it with us in the Comments below…


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