Extremely Painful Periods Are Big Pain In The Pahtootie

 Let’s get real: Extremely painful periods suck

And if this is often what makes up the essence of being female, the bulk of girls would switch to being male if given the choice.

We’re are alleged to anticipate monthly periods. After all, it’s a neighborhood of the entire circle of life; how of cleansing the body; of eliminating an unfertilized egg from the uterus. However, thanks to imbalanced hormone levels periods can become nasty little buggers.

Occasionally menstrual cramps can get so uncomfortable that it restricts you and that I from doing our everyday activities.

Save yourself from calling in sick for work or missing a crucial class. There’s something you’ll do to alleviate the matter and have a worry-free cycle.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading…

But First…One Sure Way To Not Treat Extremely Painful Periods

extremely painful periods

In our modern society, we immediately run to the drug cabinet to down a dose of pain relievers or two (or three, or four). Today’s “gotta have it now” lifestyle almost compels us to believe painkillers as our first option to remedy toothaches, muscle twitches, and even painful periods. That shouldn’t be the case with menstrual cramps.

For some women, medicine can actually worsen the pain within the abdomen rather than decreasing it. Reliance on pills during your period can also restrict your tolerance to pain by the end of the day. There are home remedies for painful periods to assist you to overcome painful periods.

They’re not even that costly. All they require is religious application and consistency. To know home remedies for painful periods, click here…

Painful Periods: They’re What You Eat

extremely painful periods

If you don’t want to succumb to the horrors of abdominal pain, resist the urge to grub on all that grease! Eating too many fried foods, sweets, and caffeine can cause mind-numbing cramps. Spoiling yourself with these foods will cause you to bloat. A cramped up abdomen may be a contributing aspect to extremely painful periods.

Instead of foods laden with white flour, sugar, and processed ingredients you can’t even pronounce, choose the greener route and fix yourself a healthy and balanced vegetable or salad. Did you recognize that cabbage and spinach help reduce the ills of menstrual cramps?

Most green leafy vegetables contain magnesium which helps tone down tension within the uterine muscles. Add fibrous ingredients to the combination like carrots and broccoli for a crunchy cramp-busting salad!

If you’re not an enormous fan of vegetables, you’ll substitute salad with a nutritious juice drink. Fruit juice contains an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain relaxes the muscles within the uterus.

Home Remedies For Painful Periods

Heavy periods

Much like pineapples, raspberries also are fiber-rich fruits. Raspberries help reduce menstrual pain by getting obviate excess waste within the body. If these aren’t eliminated they get reabsorbed and attack the uterus to cause even more discomfort.

Stubborn menstrual cramps can disturb your sleep too. Drinking herb tea and warm drinks generally can make your period less disruptive. There are different variants that help with menstrual cramps. Chamomile tea and tea are two of the foremost common remedies.

If you don’t like these two, you’ll brew your own herbal concoction to fit your taste. Drink a minimum of 4 cups of tea per day.

Calcium assists in proper muscle and bone contraction so make certain you’re getting your daily dose of it (just don’t catch on from dairy, here’s why). Vitamin and mineral supplements like animal oil, and Vitamin E, also reduces the risks of dysmenorrhea and other menstrual pain.

Resist Painful Periods By Hitting The Gym

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Nothing can’t be solved with good computing, right? (insert rolling of the *eyes*)

Try yoga, tai-chi, or Pilates to release tension in your body and relax your muscles. Some exercising routines train proper breathing techniques which may lessen abdominal pain. Exercising may be a common suggestion to youngsters handling extremely painful periods. Apart from minimizing unease, exercise also promotes well-regulated menstrual cycles.

If you’re not one for exercising, a simple abdominal massage can do the trick. Smother your abdomen with menstrual massaging cream and slowly run your fingertips in a circular motion.

Now that the pain has died down a touch it’s imperative that you simply get some rest. Sleep the remaining pain off if you’ll. But before you are doing take a warm shower to relax your muscles and rejuvenate your senses.

Stay Active To Avoid Extremely Painful Periods

menstrual cycle

At the risk of stating the apparent, remaining fit and healthy may be a major part of keeping extremely painful periods cornered. You’re not only promoting wellness during your menstrual period, but you’re keeping your body strong to fight day diseases and keep your body’s system strong and agile. Until next time…Be Well 😉


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