How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Naturally

When menstrual cramps cause stabbing pains that can last for several hours at a time, it’s no wonder that many women view over-the-counter medicines as the only remedy at their disposal. No one thinks of How to get rid of period cramps naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps

how to get rid of period cramps

Yet you’ll often hear nothing but vague recommendations for exercise, tea, and other so-called ‘touchy feely’ remedies for natural ways to get rid of cramps. Why is that?

Well, you may be surprised to discover the natural remedies that we’ll discuss in today’s article have been proven to combat menstrual cramps in women.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Cramps With Heat

Heat therapy is one of the quickest natural methods for menstrual cramp relief. While using this method, the first thing you want to do is apply heat to the area causing you the most discomfort and pain.

If you have the opportunity to just stay home (admittedly rare for today’s busy woman), the best way is to cover your belly with a constant blanket of heat.

Here’s a previous post on how to make a herbal heating pad.

If you happen to be on the go, an alternative to an electric or herbal heating pad is the disposable kind. Some of these heating pads are known to remain heated for 12 hours at a time.

How To Get Rid Of Cramps In Legs          


If you are thinking, how to get rid of cramps in your legs and how to get rid of stomach cramps Chamomile tea is another natural remedy that’s highly recommended. However, for the best results with this therapy, chamomile flowers should be used instead of teabags.

The tea is made by boiling a pot of water and adding two teaspoonfuls of chamomile flowers into the boiling water. The water is allowed to sit for three minutes. A colander is then placed over a cup and the tea is poured in.

The other way of using heat therapy is taking a hot bath. Although, candles and bubbles are not essential in order to get the desired benefits. They will help to relax you, as well as relax the muscles that are cramping and causing you pain.

Obviously, the candles should be kept away from the towels to avoid fire accidents! And since rest is very critical to a relaxed mind & body, it goes without saying that you need to make sure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep as well. We can easily overlook this basic tenet if we’re not careful.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Cramps From Period With The 4 Yoga Pose Sequence


Okay, I tried, but I couldn’t refrain from suggesting exercise as well. This remedy includes four yoga poses that help to alleviate the pains associated with menstrual cramps.

Some favorite cramp-busting yoga poses include:

  1. Camel Pose
  2. Downward facing dog
  3. Lotus pose
  4. Bridge pose

Downward Facing Dog

The downward-facing dog is performed in a standing position. While in this standing posture, the hands are placed on the thighs and then the individual bends forward to bring the head towards the knees. Then in one movement, the palms are brought to the floor slightly in front of the feet.

The left leg is then brought back while the right leg is bent. The right leg is later brought back. The feet should be adjusted and the bottom brought up while the back is put in a sloping position.

This is the best yoga pose if you are searching how to get rid of cramps in your legs 😉

Camel Pose

The Camel pose is performed by slowly bringing both knees to the floor while keeping the palms in a flat position on the floor. The back is then straightened and the hands placed on the upper thighs. The left arm is then brought back until it touches the ankle. The right arm is also brought back until it touches the ankle. This position is then maintained for a few minutes.

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose involves sitting down on the legs. The left leg is then put in front of the individual followed by the right. The back is then placed on the floor and the knees bend while keeping the feet in a flat position on the floor.

Lotus Pose

The lower body is then lifted from the calves, through the knees, bottom, lower back, and upper back keeping the head and shoulders on the floor. Slowly, the seated posture is regained and the individual sits in a Lotus cross-legged position for a few minutes.

How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Requires Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Painful Period Cramps

Your first line of defense in pursuit of a happy period will always be what you put in your mouth. And I’m not talking about pain relievers either. I’m talking about what you had for breakfastlunchafternoon snacks and so on.

In addition to these natural cramps cures, taking a multi-vitamin for painful periods, exercises, massage, and swimming are also tried and true ways for easing the pain. If you’re looking for information on how to get rid of period cramps permanently…the natural way…Read this post 😉 Until next time…Be Well


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