15 Effective Home Remedies on How To Postpone Periods Naturally

In medical terms, irregular periods are known as oligomenorrhea, and it is a very frequent issue among women. This frequent ailment, which can be caused by a variety of causes such as weight loss, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices, has the potential to cause needless worry and anxiety, prompting us to seek for safe and natural remedies to postpone periods. In this article, we will learn how to postpone periods naturally.


Birth control pills and other related information have also been used in this post. All of you are requested to consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Medicines like birth control can be harmful to your health. The purpose of the author is only to make people aware of proper information, not to advise someone to take birth control pills or similar drugs/medicines.

We discovered all how to postpone periods for a week in the basket of nature. Nature has supplied us with a basket full of home remedies to postpone periods and late monthly menstrual cycles, from healthy parsley to healing vitamin C-rich fruits.

How to Postpone Periods Naturally Immediately

how to postpone periods naturally

Well, the ideas I’m about to give aren’t guaranteed methods for postpone periods, but they could work if you follow them carefully.

One thing to keep in mind on how to postpone periods naturally is that you should not try to modify your menstrual cycle unless it is necessary, since this might disrupt your period’s regularity.

Here are some natural home remedies to postpone periods that you may explore without risk.

  1. Progesterone Cream (Natural)

how to postpone periods naturally

During the first part of your menstrual cycle, your progesterone levels increase. By the second half, it has slowed considerably. Your body knows it’s time to start your monthly cycle when your progesterone levels drop.

For a few days, you can use natural progesterone lotion to keep your progesterone levels high. This will allow you to postpone your period for a few days longer.

To get the desired outcomes, begin using the creams during ovulation and apply at least 1/4 teaspoon twice daily. Simply stop using the cream when your menstruation arrives.

  1. Foods to Eat and Stay Away From

how to postpone periods naturally

To understand how to postpone periods naturally, you must pay attention to your food, because your hormones may be impacted by your hormones, which can further help you postpone your period.

Lentils and raspberry leaves may help to postpone periods. Sucking on a lemon may have similar results.

You should also cut out specific items from your diet because they tend to trigger your period early. Garlic, ginger, papaya, sesame, and peppers are among the ingredients. However, when you are after how to postpone periods for a week.

if you want to get your period over with as soon as possible, you might increase your intake of these items.

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  1. Massage of the Breasts

how to postpone periods

This approach for how to postpone periods has shown to be effective for many ladies. Although it is not a scientifically established approach, it is certainly worth a try.

All you have to do is gently massage your breasts with your fingers in a circular manner. Also, from your nipple to the outside edges of your breasts, move your fingers clockwise and anticlockwise. Doing this 200 times a day may help to postpone periods.

  1. Strenuous Workout

how to postpone periods for 5 days naturally

By reducing estrogen production and raising testosterone levels, vigorous physical activity may aid in the cessation of menstruation. Weight lifting, swimming, indoor gymnastics, cycling, and gym workouts can all help you achieve your objective. This is the best method or best natural remedies to postpone periods.

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  1. Herbs


You may discover how to postpone periods by using specific herbs. Simply take yarrow or shepherd’s purse tinctures. Dry it first, then grind it finely until it’s powdery. After that, add some water and drink it to postpone periods.

Shepherd’s purse is highly helpful since it helps to decrease and even postpone menstruation bleeding. However, because of the potential for side effects and drug interactions, any herb should be used with caution.

Just make sure to check with your doctor before utilizing. I don’t suggest interfering with your menstrual cycle, but still, if you are doing so, I suggest you always try home remedies to postpone periods.

  1. Gelatin


You may use gelatin to naturally postpone your menstruation. Gelatin may be found in the food store. Take a package and place it in a basin filled with warm water. To postpone your period and get the desired outcomes, consume it at least three times each day.

  1. Lemon


Lemon has acidic qualities as well as citric acid, which might help you postpone your period. Simply eating a lemon gently helps to delay your period while also resolving other concerns such as sensitivity, pain, and inflammation when your period does arrive.

For added advantages, squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it regularly. Try this remedy if you are seeking how to postpone periods for 5 days naturally.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

For ten days before your menstruation, drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water. Your menstruation will be postponed as a result of this. Apple cider vinegar also aids in the elimination of pollutants and extra body fat. For period-related difficulties, I would advocate using natural techniques rather than using any extra medications or tablets.

  1. Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

To understand how to postpone periods for 5 days naturally, you must first understand how stress affects your hormone levels. Your mood can have an impact on your menstrual cycle at any time. You may not want to do anything else because your menstruation is already being affected by your stress.

Stress reduction is one of the best home remedies to postpone periods.

  1. Papayas


There are more fruits and ways to postpone periods but two times a day, papayas can be eaten raw or as a juice. It’ll help you a lot to postpone the menstrual cycle.

  1. Pineapple


When you are due to your periods, include a cup full of fresh pineapples in your luncheon or prepare fresh juice and drink it every day.

  1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Before 10–15 days before your expected period, eat fried sesame seeds regularly. Take 1 teaspoon sesame seeds twice a day with hot water or honey.

  1. Sesame Seeds (BLACK)

Sesame Seeds (BLACK)

Also known as Til in Hindi, soak 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds in a half cup of water overnight and drink the next morning. Repeat for another two days.

  1. Foods High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Incorporate vitamin C-rich food to get periods early into your regular diets, such as citrus fruits, Kiwis, and veggies like tomatoes, broccoli, and bell peppers. Rich vitamin food’s can be your answer to how to postpone periods naturally immediately.

  1. Jaggery (Gur)

When combined with ginger, sesame seed, and carom seed, jaggery is an excellent how to postpone periods home remedy for menstrual irregularities or postpone menses.


Though it is not recommended to interfere with your menstrual cycle in any way, if it is absolutely required, you can use the aforementioned techniques. Do not overuse these tactics, even if they will not hurt you in any way. Only by sticking to the same routine can you expect to experience periods of bleeding.

There are many natural remedies to postpone periods, but the above-explained methods on how to postpone periods naturally are very effective. Give these a try and you’ll soon get the results.

In high school, you learned about estrogen and progesterone. Ovulation and hemorrhage are caused by fluctuations in their blood levels. If we flood our bodies with progesterone from the outside, our bodies are effectively deceived, and our minds get confused when it comes to counting days.

When you stop, your body will re-acquaint itself with the fact that the first day is approaching. I said it in a simplistic manner. Norethisterone is compound progesterone with a complicated mechanism.

Before major occasions, norethisterone is given to young unmarried women. Norethisterone 5mg pill (Brand names: Norglen, Norton, Primolut-N) 1 tablet every 8 hours, commencing 3–5 days before estimated period date. When it's no longer necessary, stop. Bleeding will begin 2–3 days after the medication is stopped.

It's not something you'd do every month, and it's certainly not something you'd do once or twice a year. That hack isn't exactly of the highest caliber. If you have a migraine, you may get a headache; use pain relievers as needed.

One of the most often requested questions. It's also understandable. The answer is that there is nothing you can do or take that will make a difference unless you take specialized hormones.

The hormones might be provided via birth control tablets, but they don't function quickly and can't be used for only one or two days. In addition, you'll need a prescription to obtain them.

However, if you are using medicine just to postpone your periods, you should seek medical guidance.

In the long term, changing the normal path of your cycle is not a smart idea.

It might also cause some unpleasant side effects, including discomfort and greater bleeding the next time you get your period.

You don't have to stop for a week if you're taking birth control. Your menstruation is brought on by taking the fake pills for that week. No, not menstruating is not harmful. It's something that athletes do all the time.

Normally, this isn't a good idea.

Taking additional progesterone tablets can sometimes result in blood or brain clots, which is extremely hazardous.


  • Dizziness, headaches, or fluid retention are all possible symptoms.
  • Consult your Lady Doctor; she will be able to make a more informed decision.
  • But, as far as I'm aware, it's Norethisterone (promo lit N), and only as a once-in-a-blue-moon possibility.

Primolut-N tablets are effective in delaying/postponing periods when taken at the correct time and dosage. In general, one tablet should be taken daily, and the next day should be taken at the same time (Day1 if you take tablet at 9am, Day2 also 9am...) and so on for as long as you wish to postpone your period.

Take pills 4–5 days before your expected period, although it's best to avoid them unless absolutely necessary, as there will be side effects.

You can take the help of the above blog post attached to this FAQ for answers.

Using medicinal or nonmedical methods to postpone your menstruation is extremely harmful. It will do harm to your body in one way or another.

I would never advocate delaying them unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Nothing is more essential than your own personal well-being. Not everyone grasped the significance of this sentence. It's possible for a few lucky people.

Yes, I believe I am aware of a few options. However, I have chosen not to publish this information in the hopes of raising women's awareness of its harmful consequences.


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