Massage Techniques For Menstrual Pain Relief

A lot of times, when the wave of Menstrual Pain comes crashing down on you like a ton of bricks, you’re tempted to grab the nearest bottle of pills just to get some relief.

But before you do that, know there are many simple techniques to massage away menstrual pain remedies in the comfort of your home, office, or even while sitting in your car. I’ve compiled a few to share with you here.

Menstrual Cycle Pain

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual cycle pain is caused by elevated levels of prostaglandins. High levels of bad prostaglandins can also cause headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea during your period. Gynecologists sometimes prescribe birth control pills to combat menstrual pain. The trouble with that is most BCP’s contain powerful hormones which help lessen menstrual cramps and balance a spastic menstrual cycle BUT they come with their own assortment of side effects to contend with such as:

  • Headaches & nausea
  • Spotting between periods
  • Acne
  • Weight gain & bloating
  • Decrease in sex drive

Period pain can be mild to severe, and it varies from woman to woman. Some women can have a period that comes and goes with not even a blip of inconvenience in their day during their entire menstrual cycle. While other women are in so much pain they can’t even get out of bed, let alone go to work or school.

The fact that symptoms and levels of discomfort vary so greatly (not to mention the fact that men don’t get it at all) makes it very difficult for the issues surrounding painful periods and reproductive health to get the attention it deserves in the medical field.

To Massage Away Menstrual Pain — Mentally Prepare Yourself

Menstrual Pain

Before you try to massage away your menstrual cramps, it’s a good idea to first relax and get yourself mentally prepared. Try to find a chair or other place where you can sit comfortably with your back straight. Relax the palms of your hands on your knees, close your eyes and slowly breathe in as far as you can.

Once you cannot inhale any further, hold you’re breathing for three seconds. Then slowly exhale, while at the same time, mentally concentrating on the area just below your belly button. Visualize the cramps leaving your body. I’m not kidding here either, picture them like little ants marching away off of the premises and on to another destination. When you can’t breathe out any further, repeat the process again 5 times.

By now you should feel more relaxed and ready to begin the massage. Using a natural menstrual cramp cream along with this massage technique will promote faster menstrual cramp relief while enhancing circulation, as well as, softening those tense muscles.

At-Home Massage Techniques for Menstrual Pain

menstrual cramps

Here is a shortlist of methods to massage away menstrual pain. Begin slowly and do not apply pressure too hard in the beginning.

Stomach Massage

Place your hands on top of each other over the belly button and move them in a circular motion. Slowly increase the size of the circle until you reach the bottom of your ribcage (at the top). And a full hand width below your belly button (at the bottom). Do this for about a minute and repeat again starting with the smaller circles and increasing the size.

Another way to massage menstrual cramps away is to form a triangle with your hands, palms facing your body. The tip of your fingers should be facing down a few inches below your belly button, and your two thumbs should be touching above, making a perfect triangle.

Apply a little pressure to the entire area and move your hands apart to the sides of your body in a slightly upward motion. When you finish, the tips of your fingers should be at the bottom sides of your ribcage. Perform this motion slowly 10 to 20 times.


Acupressure, also known as shiatsu in Japanese, is another excellent way to massage away menstrual pain. By using your fingertips and thumbs, you apply pressure to sensitive points on your body. These points are mostly the same as those used in acupuncture, which is popular in both China and Japan. The biggest difference with this technique is that you are using pressure from your fingers and thumb, instead of applying needles.

3 Tips On Using Acupressure To Stop Menstrual Cramps

menstrual cramps

Place your palm towards your body and move your fingers down to your belly button. Place one finger flat against the middle of your belly button and place two other fingers directly below (about 3 fingers’ width).

At the point of the bottom finger, directly below your belly button, is where you want to use the tips of your three fingers and slowly press straight inwards below your belly button. Gradually build up the pressure until it becomes a little uncomfortable, but not painful. At this point, you want to keep the pressure applied for about 30 seconds. You should then repeat the process at least three times.

Open your left hand with your fingers together, palms facing out, and form the letter “L” with your thumb sticking out at the bottom. In the bottom crease between your thumb and your forefinger, insert the thumb of your right hand. And the rest of your right hand should be resting under the palm of your left hand.

Use the tip of your right thumb to apply pressure in this crease. Keep moving the thumb further inside the crease until you find a spot that is slightly painful. This point is called “Hegu” in Chinese and is believed to be one of the most important points in acupressure to control Menstrual pain. Once you find the spot, apply pressure for about 20 to 30 seconds with the tip of your thumb. Release and repeat at least three times.

These are just a few techniques to help you massage away your menstrual pain. There are countless others, including massaging the lower back and other areas. What’s nice about using massage is that it’s drug-free (i.e. no risk of harmful side effects). And doesn’t require a doctor’s visit (more money in your pocket). Plus, you can learn it on your own.


The Hegu point is very uncomfortable and you will feel some pain as you apply the pressure. This is normal and should lessen each time you apply the pressure. Apply only as much pressure as you can tolerate. But as always, unless you are a doctor or holistic practitioner in your own right. For this menstrual pain removing technique, It’s best to seek the guidance of expert counsel if anything feels out of place or uncomfortable. Know Your Body & Be Well.

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