Frequently Asked Periods OR Menstruation Questions Answers

Every girl’s head is filled with period-related concerns! So here are frequently and mostly asked menstruation questions answers. You shouldn’t have to worry about your first period on top of everything else throughout puberty. Even if your monthly visitor has been coming around for a long time, knowing what a period is and how it works might be perplexing since there are so many factors that go into it.

We’ve all been there: there are certain things you may not have thought to ask or were too embarrassed to ask in a health class or during a talk with your OB-GYN.

Here are some of the most typical period or menstruation questions/ inquiries and their solutions to help you relax.

Here are some frequently asked menstruation questions and answers to help you feel more at ease with all of the changes you’re going through. I guess these menstruation survey questions will solve your doubt, in case you have any! 😉

Periods & Menstruation Questions Answers

  1. How To Get Periods Immediately? 

menstruation questions answers

Some women want their period to come before a big event, a deadline week, or a camping vacation. There are a few things they may do to speed up the onset of their period.

There are no guarantees that your period will come right away or within a day or two. However, around the time their period is due, a person may discover that exercising, practicing relaxation techniques, or having an orgasm will help speed up the onset of their period.

Certain hormonal contraceptives may also help people manage their menstrual cycle. When it comes to menstruation questions answers, people usually ask about it.

Many alternative ways for inducing a period are available on the internet, such as eating pineapple or fenugreek, however, there is no proof that these approaches work.

We’ll examine some of the ways individuals might attempt to get a period in this response. We also go into which procedures have no scientific evidence and what concerns they may pose. If you have menstruation-related questions, the below solutions will help you a lot.

Methods For Producing a Menstrual Cycle

menstrual cycle

Hormonal birth control is the only viable approach for altering a menstrual cycle. Diet, exercise, and stress reduction, on the other hand, maybe beneficial.

There is no method to get a period for the first time. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates that a person’s first period occurs between the ages of 12 and 13. If you are after menstruation questions answers, you should understand, by the age of 15, 98 percent of girls will have had their period, according to ACOG.

Methods to assist induce a period in someone who has previously had a menstrual period are discussed in the sections below.



The only dependable means of controlling the menstrual cycle is to use hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills or the ring.

The most successful approach for managing periods is the combination pill, which includes both estrogen and progestin. People take hormonal tablets for 21 days, then quit or take a dummy pill for the remaining seven days. During these seven days, they get their period.


birth control pills

It’s worth noting that if a person doesn’t take their birth control tablets as directed by their doctor, they may be less effective in preventing pregnancy.

Birth control, which is usually considered safe by physicians, may also be used to miss a period. Find out whether missing periods while on birth control is safe. If you are reading this piece of paper on menstruation questions answers. I would deny you taking the BCP’s.



Gentle exercise may help relax muscles and speed up the onset of a period. However, there is just anecdotal evidence for this procedure, and study has yet to establish that it works.

Because of their rigorous workout regimens, some individuals experience irregular periods. Moderate exercise may aid in the restoration of hormones required for a normal menstrual cycle.



Menstrual abnormalities are linked to high levels of stress, according to scientific evidence.

Finding techniques to relax and de-stress might be beneficial, especially if a person’s menstruation is late or missing as a result of stress.

Gentle yoga, writing, meditation, and spending time with friends and family may all help to reduce stress.



Sex and orgasm, believe it or not, may also trigger a period.

The hormones released during sexual activity, together with uterine contractions during orgasm, may help widen the cervix and encourage the uterus to lose its lining.



A person’s menstruation might be affected by changes in their body weight. Low body weight might lead to an irregular menstrual cycle or possibly the cessation of periods altogether. This is because the body requires fat to manufacture hormones associated with menstruation.

Irregular menstruation periods may also be caused by high body weight or an abrupt weight shift.

Some individuals may find that particular meals might cause their period to be delayed or accelerated, affecting how heavy the flow is and how long it lasts. This might be because of food’s relative fat, protein, and other nutritional composition.

Excessive exercise or calorie restriction may both influence reproductive hormones and cause ovulation problems.

  1. How To Get Periods Immediately in One Hour?

menstruation survey questions

Most women nowadays want to period questions and answers, like how to get periods Immediately in one hour, or how to make periods occur naturally. This is because some women have irregular periods, which causes them to get agitated and look for menstruation questions answers.

Always aim to obtain your periods on time by going the natural route. If any of your friends or sisters inquire about how to obtain periods within a day, please pass along the information. Stay tuned to this website for additional information on how to get periods immediately in one hour naturally at home.

You may discover a solution to how to get periods immediately in one hour in this article of menstruation questions answers.

Regular periods will arise from the consumption of healthy nutrients and a balanced diet. There are various natural methods to obtain periods in under an hour at home. Eating papayas is the greatest technique to get periods in a day for individuals who wish to know how to get periods overnight or how to get periods immediately in one hour.

The raw papaya causes uterine contractions and may help in period induction. Papaya’s carotene triggers the estrogen hormone, resulting in an early period. Well, there’s a lot more information about menstruation questions answers like how to get periods overnight or menstruation-related questions like how to get periods immediately in one hour waiting for you.

How Do You Get Periods Quickly?

menstruation questions

For women, periods occur once a month. When it comes to irregular periods. However, it is important to recognize them as soon as possible. Various reasons may be to blame for these irregular periods. The majority of women are attempting to find a remedy. How to get periods immediately (within an hour or a day).

The methods listed below can help you obtain your period in one day. To prevent irregular periods, eat nutritious meals like bananas.



Parsley has been traditionally used to induce menstruation for decades. Apiol and myristicin, two compounds found in parsley, cause uterine contractions. Parsley is also abundant in vitamin C and apiol, both of which may aid with uterine contractions.



Unlike parsley, ginger tea is one of the most efficient emmenagogues, although it does have some adverse effects, such as acidity.

PROCESS OF PREPARATION – Boil a fresh piece of peeled, thinly sliced ginger for five to seven minutes in a pan of water. Strain the tea and sweeten it with honey or sugar before consuming it.



Because of its emmenagogue characteristics, coriander seeds are also the finest natural method to get periods.

PROCESS OF PREPARATION – Simply boil Coriander with 2 cups of water and let it boil thoroughly. After that, sieve the seeds out using a strainer. Drink the mixture three times a day for a few days.



Pomegranate is a healthful fruit, and pomegranate juice may aid with period induction.



Sesame seeds, also known as TIL in Hindi, may be used to speed up your time, but they should be consumed in moderation since they produce a lot of heat in your body.

USE: Eat sesame seeds every day during the first 10 days of your menstruation. You may also eat sesame seeds with hot water twice a day.



High amounts of vitamin C may promote menstruation by boosting estrogen levels in the body. Increased amounts of this hormone cause uterine contractions, which in turn cause bleeding. Vitamin C may also lower progesterone levels, allowing the uterine walls to break down and lead to early menopause.



Bromelain, an enzyme that is thought to impact estrogen and other hormones, is abundant in pineapple.



Foods that raise body temperature cause pain to become more intense. During menstruation, it is generally recommended that women eat cold foods.


cumin seeds

Cumin seeds, also known as JEERA in Hindi, are related to parsley and have a similar flavor profile.

To prevent irregular periods, consume nutritious foods and keep a decent diet.

  1. How To Prepone Periods Naturally?

menstruation questions answers

In medical terms, irregular periods are known as oligomenorrhea, and it is a very frequent condition among women. This widespread ailment, which may be caused by a variety of circumstances such as weight loss, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices, has the potential to cause unneeded worry and anxiety, prompting us to seek safe and natural alternatives.

And guess what?

We discovered them in the basket of nature.



In addition to easing menstrual cramps, a mixture of carom seeds and jaggery may help induce periods.



It’s the most effective at-home method for preventing periods. Raw papaya induces uterine contractions and may help induce periods. Papaya’s carotene boosts the estrogen hormone, resulting in an early period.

USE: Two times a day, papaya may be eaten fresh or in the form of papaya juice. Around the middle of the cycle, one cup of papaya juice (about 200ml) or one bowl of fresh ripe papaya may be consumed for impact.



Drinking CELERY JUICE is one approach to induce early period that is completely safe, natural, and advised by physicians.

USE: Fresh celery juice, taken twice a day, might increase blood flow to your pelvis and uterus, causing your period to start.


coriander seeds

Because of its emmenagogue characteristics, coriander seeds are thought to be the most efficient home remedy for irregular periods.

USE: Boil 1 teaspoon coriander in 2 cups water until the liquid is reduced to one cup. Remove the seeds with a sieve and drink the mixture three times a day for a few days before your menstruation.


FENNEL seeds

To control your period and have a healthy flow, boil fennel seeds in water to prepare a fragrant tea that should be drinking every morning on an empty stomach.

USE: 2 tsp fennel seeds in a glass of water for an overnight soak in the morning, strain the water, and consume it.


fenugreek seeds

Experts advocate fenugreek, or Methi, seeds to induce period.

USE: Boil fenugreek seeds in water and drink.



Aloe vera juice is often used to relieve stomach pains, but it may also be used as an emmenagogue.

USE: Squeeze the gel from an aloe vera leaf by cutting it in half. Combine 1 tsp honey with the gel and drink it before breakfast. To get excellent results, repeat the technique for months.



Carrots, another high-carotene vegetable, maybe ingested up to three times a day, either straight or in juice form.

  1. Can We Prepone Periods with Tablets?

menstruation questions answers

If your next period day occurs on a day when you have plans, you may simply take some medications that are readily accessible on the market to delay your periods.

Primolut N includes norethisterone, a female hormone that belongs to a class of drugs known as progestogens.

Primolut N may be utilized in a variety of situations:

to treat heavy, uncomfortable, or irregular periods

endometriosis treatment (where tissue from the lining of the womb is present in places where it is not normally found)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that occurs when a woman’s (also known as premenstrual tension, PMS, or PMT) postpone the time

Before you start using Primolut N, there are a few things you should know.

Your doctor will talk to you about your medical and family history. Your doctor will also take your blood pressure and check to see whether you are pregnant. Additional tests, such as a breast examination, may be required based on your medical requirements and/or concerns. It is the most commonly asked in menstruation questions and answers.

  1. How To Prepone Periods Immediately?

menstruation questions answers

Periods are almost always predictable for most women.

However, your menstrual cycle may be delayed than normal at times. Stress, disordered eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and hormonal fluctuations are all to a fault. Alternatively, there may be situations when a woman wishes to start her period sooner than normal.

While fertility treatments and medications may help control a cycle in certain cases, they aren’t always the best option. Changing your diet is one of the safest ways to naturally regulate your cycle if you don’t have it. Several foods claim to help naturally induce menstruation.

Women with PCOD and PCOS are often advised to add natural fertility boosters and period-inducing foods in their diets to help them overcome their hormonal issues.

So, the next time you’re looking for a way to get rid of your period pains, consider these meal alternatives.

P.S. Always check with your doctor before attempting any of these meals!



Papaya is said to be nature’s cure for menstrual irregularity. Also, Papaya is high in carotene, which aids in the creation of estrogen in the body, which may lead to the onset of periods. Furthermore, papaya is known to trigger uterine contractions and aid in the shedding of the uterine lining, which may help bring periods forward.

Because of its remarkable capacity to control menstruation, pregnant women are advised to avoid eating the fruit, particularly in the first few months.

Consider having a serving regularly if you wish to manage your periods. You may also use papaya juice or extract.



Dates are a superfood during the cold months. The capacity to create heat in the body is another advantage of the date palm. According to studies, women who take dates regularly (soaked in milk or otherwise) might experience an influence on their menstrual cycles, and in some circumstances, can even pre-empt them.

Because dates are high in iron, vitamin C, folate, and a variety of other essential minerals and nutrients, they aid in the relief of difficulties that might interfere with menstruation, therefore regulating the flow.



Jaggery is an age-old treatment for naturally inducing or regulating menstruation cycles. It’s also easy to come by in Indian kitchens, and it’s packed with health advantages!

While jaggery is often recommended for women who have a few cycles, frequent intake may help with menstrual issues, improve hemoglobin and iron production, and even induce menstruation. If you have PCOS, remember to eat jaggery daily.

Roasted horse gram with jaggery is a tasty combo to try (gur-chana, as it is popularly known in India).

To prepone your cycle, drink a special jaggery and fenugreek seeds tea (cooked in water) in the week leading up to it.

Also Read,  How to Postpone Periods Naturally



It is recommended that everyone consumes a diet high in vitamin C-rich foods. It’s not only good for your health and warding off illness, but it may also help you receive your periods on time.

Yes! Yes, you read it correctly.

According to some experts, vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables stimulate estrogen production in the body, lower progesterone levels, and smooth out uterine lining loss. Some fruits may also help your body create heat, which is beneficial to your fertility.



If you want to control your menstrual cycle, parsley is an excellent meal to try. Apart from being high in vitamin C, parsley has characteristics that cause uterine contractions and so menstruation, making it a potentially harmful food for pregnant women.

If your period is causing you stress, consider adding extra parsley to your diet or making a parsley tea (by steeping some fresh parsley in boiling water for 5 minutes). For relief, drink this mixture once or twice a day.

People with renal issues should avoid consuming excessive amounts of parsley.



Ginger, like other culinary spices, acts as an emmenagogue, assisting in the induction and regulation of menstruation flow in the body. Some people think that ginger might help the body contract its uterus.

One of the nicest things about ginger for menstruation difficulties is that it may be ingested in several ways, such as in chai, curries, or as a hot tea.

If you want to give it a go, make a ginger brew tea with honey on top, which is another anti-inflammatory and healthy ingredient.



It would be a shame not to include the modest superfood turmeric on the list!

Turmeric, like ginger, is an emmenagogue, which means it helps reduce menstrual issues by raising estrogen production and lowering progesterone levels, making menstruation simpler and more regular.

Turmeric also has antispasmodic properties, which are beneficial to menstruation and reproductive health.

Make sure you consume 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric every day to improve your turmeric intake. It may be used in subzis, curries, teas, and concoctions, as well as the traditional and very potent HALDI-VALA-DOODH!



It is beneficial to your fertility and reproductive health to eat a handful of certain nuts and seeds daily. Some nuts may also help with menstrual irregularities. Almonds and walnuts, for example, are high in fiber, protein, and Omega-3, all of which naturally generate heat and act to bring on periods.

Seed cycling is one method that many women use to control their periods.

While many of the foods mentioned above are regarded to be very beneficial to menstruation and reproductive health. Keep in mind that they may not be suitable for everyone. Although there is no scientific proof to back this up, these meals may be able to aid you with some of your issues.

To rectify and control the menstrual cycle in the long term, underlying concerns must be addressed. Getting adequate physical activity (30-45 minutes of vigorous exercise), eating a healthy diet (few processed, fried food), managing stress, and sleeping enough can all help you have JOYFUL PERIODS!

  1. Why Do Periods Come Early?

menstruation questions answers

Early periods may occur as a result of lifestyle changes such as stress, excessive exercise, or significant weight loss that disrupt hormone production. However, underlying disorders such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis may induce early periods. Early periods may also be caused by age-related hormonal changes such as puberty and perimenopause.

Most individuals get concerned when their period is late or absent, but an early period may be just as alarming. An early period may be caused by a variety of factors, including stress and medical disorders such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

The following are the reasons:



Ovulation may be disrupted by stress, causing a period to arrive early or late. Stress is more likely to cause a period to be late or missed entirely, but it may also cause a period to arrive early.



Excessive, severe activity may cause dramatic weight changes, which can affect hormone production. Ovulation and period timing will be affected as a result of this.



The normal transition from infancy to maturity is puberty. Hormones alter, including a rise in the synthesis of estradiol, a female sex hormone that is activated by hormones generated by the brain. During puberty, a person’s menstruation may become irregular, resulting in early or late periods.


menstruation questions answers

Perimenopause usually begins in a woman’s forties. During perimenopause, women’s ovaries have a decreasing quantity of eggs, and these eggs are of low quality.

Because these eggs don’t react as effectively to hormone cues from the brain, they may ovulate infrequently or not at all. This results in shorter menstrual cycles, as well as skipped or early periods.

The uterus is more prone to shed unexpectedly without progesterone, a hormone released by ovulation, resulting in early or late menstruation.


menstruation questions answers

If you’re taking a combination hormonal birth control pill, patch, or vaginal ring that includes both estrogen and progestin, the most common cause for an early period is if you skip a dosage or many doses. This is because the progestin levels you’ve been taking have dropped, causing uterine bleeding.

Early bleeding is caused by the weakening of the uterine lining if you use a progestin-only birth control technique such as the depo-medroxyprogesterone injection, arm implant, or IUD. This is because the uterine lining does not thicken.

It’s also typical to have side effects like unexpected bleeding for the first 3 to 6 months while using a copper IUD without hormones as your body adapts. Mostly menstruation questions answers related to the birth control pills.


menstruation questions answers

Plan B and other emergency contraceptive tablets operate by delaying ovulation. Because there is nothing for sperm to fertilize if no egg is released, pregnancy is prevented.

However, if ovulation is disrupted, your cycle may be disrupted, causing your period to be early or late.


menstruation questions answers
By- CLEVELANDCLINIC / Source- Google Images

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal condition that is linked to high levels of the male hormone (testosterone). Ovulation may be irregular as a consequence of this disease, resulting in early or late periods.


menstruation questions answers

Some sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomonas, may irritate the cervix and uterus, resulting in bleeding. Many individuals mistake this bleeding for menstruation.

However, you’ll most likely encounter the following symptoms if you have an STI:


  • Urination causes a burning sensation.
  • Sex-related discomfort
  • Pelvic discomfort

It’s critical to visit a doctor if you’re experiencing these symptoms.


menstruation questions answers

When tissue that belongs in the uterus grows outside of it. It’s often linked to unpleasant periods and infertility. It may also cause bleeding between periods, which might be misinterpreted as an early period.


menstruation questions answers

When a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus at the start of a pregnancy, it causes implantation bleeding, which causes mild bleeding or spotting. Take a pregnancy test if you suspect you may be pregnant.

  1. I Pill Delay Periods for How Many Days?

menstruation questions answers

The menstruation questions answers related to contraceptive pills play an important role. The emergency contraceptive pill, often known as the I-PILL, is intended to prevent a woman from pregnancy in the event of contraceptive failures, such as a condom breaking or leaking, forgetting contraceptive tablets, or unexpected or coerced intercourse.

However, many women nowadays are using (or misusing) it as the main means of preventing pregnancy rather than as a backup option. One major issue is that I-PILL is now widely accessible, which may promote risky sexual behavior.

It is increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV, Hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (which causes cervical cancer), Herpes, and Chlamydia.

Women increasingly use this numerous times a month or as a substitute for low-dose contraceptive pills because of its easy over-the-counter availability and widespread visibility.

What Is the Mechanism Behind It?

The usual emergency tablet includes a large dosage of levonorgestrel, a synthetic hormone. If taken early in the menstrual cycle, this inhibits the egg from being released from the ovary, or it prevents the embryo from implanting by producing an inappropriate environment in the womb.

The I-pill comes as a single tablet or two tablets that must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual activity.


The pill’s efficacy is 90%, with a failure rate of up to 10%. The outcomes differ depending on when the tablets are taken. The pill is more effective the sooner it is taken after unprotected intercourse. Within 24 hours after intercourse, the efficacy is at its peak.


When it comes to menstruation questions answers, we have to consider the side effects as well.

Because a large amount of hormone is used, the woman’s menstrual cycle is disrupted, and she may bleed sporadically or have delayed menses the next month.

Some users may experience nausea, vomiting, breast soreness, and pain as a result of taking the drug. It is recommended that you take an antiemetic two hours before taking the medication. A woman may get pregnant despite taking the pill but is unaware of it because of the bleeding that occurs, giving her a false feeling of security and resulting in a delay in pregnancy detection.

After the I PILL fails, the pregnancy that results in normally healthy and devoid of abnormalities.

Unfortunately, despite the massive publicity surrounding the emergency contraceptive pill, little information on routine contraceptive techniques has been widely disseminated.

As a consequence, many women believe that this is their only choice. If a woman takes just emergency tablets for contraception for a year, she has a 20% risk of falling pregnant, but regular contraceptive pills have a probability of less than 1%, and hormone intrauterine devices have a chance of less than 0.1 percent.

Disclaimer- I don’t advice anyone or promote to take these contraceptive pills without the prescription of doctor. These pills may result in health problems.

  1. After Taking MEPRATE When Periods Will Come?

menstruation questions answers

Most women have menstruation questions answers regarding the BCP’s. The progesterone hormone generated naturally by the body is identical to Meparate 10mg Tablet. It helps with withdrawal bleeding in situations of amenorrhea by regulating periods and preventing erratic bleeding (unusual stopping of menstrual periods).

Meparate 10mg Tablet should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor will determine how much and for how long you need to take it. It may be taken with or without meals, although it is best to take it at a set time. You should take this medication for the whole time that it has been recommended for you.


Progesterone, a female hormone that regulates ovulation and menstruation, is included in Meprate 10mg Tablet. It’s used to help women who haven’t entered menopause but aren’t getting their periods owing to a shortage of natural progesterone in their bodies.

To be effective, you must take the drug exactly as prescribed. Avoid any unnecessary stress and strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations. To receive the most advantage from Meprate 10mg Tablet, ladies with eating problems or malnutrition should improve their weight and nutrition. When it comes to menstruation questions answers, the Meprate tablet plays a vital role.

How Does the Meprate Tablet Work?

A progestin is Meprate 10mg Tablet (female hormone). It works by supplementing the body’s inability to produce progesterone naturally. This medication is used to treat painful, irregular, or non-existent menstrual cycles. It also reduces uterine lining expansion in postmenopausal women using estrogen (another female hormone).

  1. What To Eat During Periods to Increase Flow?

menstruation questions answers

PCOD or other reproductive difficulties might make it difficult for women to obtain their periods on time. Hormone imbalance is often cited as the reason for irregular menstrual flow in situations like these.

Period irregularity may be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, overeating, or excessive pressure. Late periods can then lead to even more stress, creating a vicious cycle. Some women sought medical help and started taking medication to battle this, while others turned to Ayurvedic medicine. The remainder of their options is to change their diets or their lifestyles in the hopes of finding relief.

Other elements that are known to trigger periods and control menstruation have been discovered, in addition to eating a nutrient-rich diet and exercising consistently.

After that, in this menstruation questions answers survey, here is a list of the top 7 foods that are easy to get at home and are recommended by our grandmothers for intake before and during periods:



Caffeine in coffee is said to boost the production of estrogen, causing your periods to arrive earlier. Caffeine is also used to treat menstrual discomfort. To ease discomfort during menstruation, some meals are advised. Because of its caffeine and migraine and headache-relieving qualities, coffee is the most popular among them.


menstruation questions answers


Snacking on ALMONDS and walnuts before shark week might be an excellent way to be ready. Both types of nuts are high in fiber and protein, and their ability to induce internal heat may be used to regulate periods. Before your period, eat a handful of them to improve your health and, as a result, your fertility.



Carotene is found in fruits like papaya and is known to boost the estrogen hormone, which causes periods to be delayed. Pineapple is another high-vitamin-C fruit that is thought to create heat in the pelvic area, forcing the uterus to contract deeper and causing the uterine lining to shed. As a result, ensure that your periods arrive on time or before they are overdue.

During periods, mangoes have been shown to have comparable effects. These fruits contain vitamin C, which boosts estrogen levels in the body while decreasing progesterone levels, resulting in uterine contractions and blood lining shredding, respectively.



In the winter, date fruits are popular because they create heat. During menstruation, drinking warm date milk may be quite soothing. It is certain to have beneficial benefits on your reproductive and menstrual health if taken every night before bed throughout the winter months.


menstruation questions answers

In the winter, it is another heat-generating meal. It is most often used to treat irregular periods. Bringing your periods on time, however, is advantageous.

Many experts recommend that jaggery be ingested during periods since it can raise blood hemoglobin levels. I myself add JAGGERY in my every menstruation questions answers session.


menstruation questions answers

It’s an emmenagogue that boosts blood flow in the uterus and pelvis. Its antispasmodic properties cause the uterus to enlarge, indicating the start of menstruation. In Chinese traditional medicine, this phenomenon is the most spoken about. Women who are waiting for their periods to arrive might benefit greatly from drinking turmeric with hot water or milk.



It is a natural emmenagogue that is used to stimulate menstrual flow. Ginger is available all year in a variety of forms, including foods and drinks. If you drink it as a hot brewed tea with honey, it will have the most powerful impact.

Honey is a natural aphrodisiac, which makes it ideal for use during menstruation. When taken with ginger, the impact is amplified by boosting internal body heat and causing periods to be postponed.

Most of these foods (ginger, jaggery, turmeric, almonds, and pineapple) have anti-inflammatory effects that may aid with menstrual cramps in addition to their general benefits.

So, this time, try including one of these items into your diet to observe instant results.

  1. How To Lose Weight During Periods?

menstruation questions answers

Is it necessary to exercise when on your period?

It’s entirely up to you, and only you, to make the decision. Almost no fitness trainer or health expert has ever set a guideline on whether or not to work out at certain times of the month.

So, if you’re feeling healthy and energetic this time of the month, go ahead and exercise; no one is stopping you.

But it’s also OK if you want to spend the whole day in bed, binge-watching your favorite show, and eating comfort food.

Exercises to do throughout your menstrual cycle and at various phases

Regular exercise has been linked to a variety of health advantages. It may not only aid with menstrual cycle regularity, but it can also help with period cramps and discomfort during periods.


menstruation questions answers

You may just choose to do nothing throughout your period, as previously suggested. You may also practice low-intensity steady state (LISS) training. Which consists of mild cardio and weight training, as well as stretching exercises and yoga if you feel like it.

These may help you relax and calm down by lowering stress and tension in your body. Walking or mild cardio are both good for recuperation and may help you stay in shape as you work out.


menstruation questions answers
By- VERYWELLHEALTH / Source- Google Images

On the first day of menstruation, the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle starts and finishes with ovulation. The first 11 days of your menstrual cycle are usually considered this stage. As your body prepares to produce an egg, your estrogen levels rise, which is accompanied by a boost in energy.

Exercises like high-intensity interval training, boxing, and strength training may be done at this point since they will likely coincide with your increased energy levels.


menstruation questions answers

Around day 12 of your menstrual cycle, you will enter this phase. While estrogen levels remain high, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels have increased (FSH).

The first sets of the ovulatory cycle in the body. Your energy levels are high at this point, as well.

During the ovulation period of your menstrual cycle, experts advocate undertaking any sort of physical exercise that makes you feel good. It might involve going to the gym, going for a run, or enjoying a pleasant stroll, cycling, or jog.


menstruation questions answers
By- PARENTING.FIRSTCRY.COM / Source- Google Images

Following ovulation, this phase starts. It lasts roughly 14 days (unless you’re pregnant) and comes to an end right before your menstruation. You may still feel as energized as you did during your ovulation phase, but as your period approaches, your energy levels begin to wane.

During this period of your menstrual cycle, low-intensity cardio, yoga, and pilates are all advised workouts. While yoga might aid with PMS, pilates can help with muscle tightness.

Furthermore, if your body does not tolerate any of these activities, there is no hard and fast guideline to follow. Exercise is the most important thing to do, and you should do it regularly. Make decisions based on your body type, energy level, and mood. You should be OK as long as you exercise regularly.

So, above are the 10 commonly & frequently asked periods or menstruation questions answers. I hope this article helps you, girls, in understanding your menstrual cycle. For more similar reads, stay connected to the MENSTRUAL CYCLE BLOG 😉

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