Are You In Need Of Period Pain Relief Tips?

Are you looking for ways in which you can manage and relieve the cramps, and period pain that is commonly associated with periods? If so, then you will be glad to learn that there is a variety of options available to you, many of which can be incorporated into your busy lifestyle for both fast relief and convenience, allowing you to continue to make the most of your day.

In this The Menstrual Cycle blog, I’m going to share the best remedies to cure period pain 😉

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Natural Period Pain Relief Solutions


There are many various ways in which you can help to alleviate painful periods naturally. Firstly, it is usually recommended that in the initial week before their period women try to cut down on their sugar and caffeine intake and try to drink more water, as this can help to reduce bloating – something which does not directly cause period pain, but can contribute to making it more uncomfortable.

The vitamin supplement with B6 in it or evening primrose oil can also be taken to maintain hormonal balance.

Whilst you are actually in the grips of severe period pain, you can help to reduce the pain with a warm bath filled with aromatherapy oils or use a water bottle or heat pack, which can provide exceptional relief from pain when placed on the lower abdomen or back.

Locate the Right Pain Relief For Period Pain

Do you suffer from severe cramps when it comes to your time of the month?

If so, there are many remedies available to help cure any discomfort or pain that you experience each month. Whether you prefer to opt for natural pain relief of medicines from over the counter, you can be sure to have a broad selection to select from, allowing you to locate the perfect cure to suit your body and your symptoms.

A particularly effective method of pain relief is the Ova TENS machine, which is a digital unit that provides effective relief and reduced cramping during period your period, ensuring that life is that much more bearable during your time of the month. This unique product is small and convenient allowing you to store it in your handbag if need be, what’s more, it’s small enough to wear under your clothes.

You can explore more medicine for period pain or period pain tablets. But for that, you need to consult your doctor. The doctor will let you know the best period pain medicine name.

Do You Know What Causes Period Pain?

If you’ve always wondered exactly what the cause of period pain actually is, then here’s a quick breakdown to help you understand how and why the pain is caused.

During the menstruation process, your body releases the hormone prostaglandins. It’s this hormone that causes your contraction during the separation of the uterine lining. Research experts believe it is prostaglandins that are the main cause of your menstrual cramps.

This, however, does not explain why women of different ages tend to suffer from different amounts of pain. It is here that other factors of a woman’s diet and exercise regime then need careful consideration.

For example, if you’re a smoker you are likely to suffer from menstrual cramps of more pain, if you don’t do much exercise you are also more inclined to increased pain during menstrual cramps. In addition, if you are depressed, stressed or anxious you are also more inclined to suffer from stronger and more intense cramps during menstruation.

Follow My Tips on How To Deal With Period Pain

Period relief

By improving your diet and doing regular exercise your menstrual pain could be reduced dramatically, in fact, you could stop experiencing any pain at all. To discover an array of natural pain relief tips-

  • Tip 1- Be Ensure you get plenty of exercises to notice a reduction in painful cramps. Exercise is thought to be the natural way to lower muscle tension as well as boosting one’s mood, so try it today!
  • Tip 2- Ensure you eat plenty of fruit and veg – this may sound a little cliché, but trust me, it’s effective! This includes plenty of green vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and bok choy containing high quantities of Iron.
  • Tip 3- Maintain a frequent exercise program and keep a diary; this can be as simple as walking for twenty minutes each day or a gentle jog. By logging the exercise you do and the pain of your cramps, you can measure just how effective regular exercise is for you.


Pain and issues during the period are regular events. Nonetheless, extreme and serious agony that forestalls regular exercises is anything but a typical event. The clinical term for the agonizing feminine cycle is Dysmenorrhea. You can cure period pain by exercises, and other natural remedies mentioned in the above blog. Hope it helps you, girls 🙂

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