Herbal Period Pain Relief For Today’s Busy Woman

I am always on the lookout for natural ways to deal with the monthlies and other feminine concerns. And as you’ll discover online and on this blog, there are many natural Period pain relief home remedies to choose from. So the lack of information or lack of access isn’t necessarily the problem… The trouble is that many of the natural period Pain relief for period cramps remedies including medicinal teas, herbal combinations, massage treatments and the like always seem to involve days-long sessions of self-healing rituals.

Period pain relief

At least it appears that way (if I’m wrong, join me in the comments to offer your quick-fix). Trouble is…most women today are caught up in the demands of modern life and simply can’t put their lives on hold for the next five days.

It’s an all-natural, herbal formula that they developed with the help of nutritionists. They even offer a free sample available by request on the blog (smart marketing, by the way).

So many times, you come across products where the sales pitch is ten times better than the actual product, and the hassle of return or sheer disappointment is far too great thus you resolve to simply avoid giving the unfamiliar a try at all.

Herbal Period Pain Relief

period cramps

Well, in this instance, I was pleasantly surprised. The package arrived with a seven-pack sample. The instructions didn’t state how often the two-capsule packets should be taken so since there were seven packets, I assumed one packet per day. This is in contrast to standard Best period pain relief meds which usually allow you to take them every 6-8 hours as needed. The last two months, my menstrual cycle has been quite feisty so I decided to give the product a try.

I have mixed results about the product. While there was a noticeable improvement in the pain level while taking Period cramp pain relief. I found that the effects wore off very soon (too soon to suit my preferences)…I am guesstimating within a matter of 2-3 hours.


Menstrual cramps

So the benefit of using this compact, simple, and easy to transport, natural option for period pain relief is hindered by the short-lived effects. Of course, I am comparing this to standard Best period pain relief meds. Your pain level and response to the product may differ. And perhaps, I just needed to take it more often. Again, I only took one packet per day during this test.

The good news is that with it being a natural product, there’s no risk of harmful side effects like those associated with synthetic or Period pain relief home remedies relievers. So I guess I could’ve taken it more often. And for the busy women out there, always on the go, this may be a blessing-in-disguise for natural options until we can get back to the days of having only one or two items on the day’s “to-do” list….wishful thinking, I know 🙂


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