What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Your PMS

Sit back and take notes because you won’t learn any of this PMS problem from your doctor…

We have much to be grateful for with regards to Western medicine. Things like instrument sterilization, open-heart surgery, and other life-saving medical breakthroughs have. No doubt, given countless people new hope and opportunities to live their best lives

PMS And Other Health Problems


Western medicine leads the globe in emergency care as well, simply think of all the special cases that end up in the States each year like conjoined twins, children with cleft palates, and the like.

But it is widely known that if one wants to take a proactive approach to their health, one must look to Eastern medicine for guidance. Just take a glance at our concept of “health” itself…in the American medical system, a physician gets paid based on the diagnosis of symptoms linked to a specific disease.

Doctors are solicited by pharmaceutical representatives every week to put their patients on the chosen drug of the month which generates commissions for the reps and fattens the coffers of the drug companies.

In Eastern medical practices, the opposite is true, their payment is based on how well their patients are; if you get sick, you don’t pay. Why do you think this is? And which philosophy do you think has the patient’s health and well-being as its main focus?

Most of the physicians’ knowledge comes from the drug companies themselves, which sponsor medical journals, educational programs, and fund multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art hospital wings.

So what does this mean for you and Me?

Menstrual cramps

It means that when we go to the doctor looking for ways to effectively pinpoint our PMS symptoms, treat our conditions and prevent them from reoccurring. They are ill-equipped to help us because their only point of reference is whichever new drug has been marketed most compellingly to them over the last few weeks!

Accept that your body is your friend with a built-in alarm system to give you feedback on how well it’s doing. I know that it’s very tempting to mask the PMS pain with drugs, painkillers, and other band-aids (like surgery) and in extreme cases, an invasive procedure like surgery may even be necessary.

But understand that this only suppresses the symptoms of disease and to mask the symptoms without ever dealing with the cause will only provide a temporary fix, exacerbating the problem. In fact, many women who have surgery for their fibroids and ovarian cysts almost certainly see them return in just a few years.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, it is our responsibility to listen intently and to respond early enough to be effective. The old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ could not be more appropriate here.

With healthcare costs spiraling exponentially out of control, we literally cannot afford to be sick. One operation or serious medical condition could relegate you to a life of poverty. But you now have access to knowledge that can change your life for the better. You now have the opportunity to be proactive and take charge of your health.

Consider having your estrogen levels checked today and have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing what’s right for your body. Why wait until you are laying on the surgeon’s table when you can do something now.

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