PREGNANCY WORKOUT? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Pregnancy is a joyful, exhilarating yet apprehensive time during a pregnant woman’s life. Once you know that you’re pregnant, you would like to form sure that do what’s best for you and your baby. You would like to urge the proper Pregnancy Workout or pregnancy exercise. You would like to understand what proportion or which pregnancy exercise is best for you.

Why Pregnancy Workout is Important

pregnancy workout

During pregnancy, complications of nausea, constant fatigue, and weight gain may cause you to dislike and skip the pregnancy workout routine. Remember that a workout during pregnancy program will cause you to feel far better through mental – physical strength and stress relief.

As you progress during pregnancy, your joints become looser with the release of the relaxin hormone. This causes you to susceptible to exercise-related injury. Also, your heart is a smaller amount ready to adapt to the increased demands of a high-intensity workout.

Pregnancy Workout – Do’s and Dont’s

Pregnancy Workout

Goals for a safe post-pregnancy workout should be discussed together with your doctor or gynecologist.

Low to moderate intensity workout sessions 3-5 times every week lasting for 30-40 minutes are useful. The intensity of exercise can range from 45-70% of your target pulse counting on your medical record, age, and fitness level.

Low Impact Pregnancy Workout

Pregnancy Workout

  • Pregnant women aren’t advised to require an active pregnancy workout routine.
  • Do not exercise till you get exhausted.
  • Safe low-impact exercises include walking, cycling, and swimming.
  • Avoid high-impact workouts during pregnancy like jumping, jogging, or skipping. The main cause of injury is exercising too fast. The most aim of pregnancy exercise is to be fit, not feel tired thanks to over-training.
  • Try to avoid lying on your back and exercising. This position reduces flow in pregnant women.
  • Avoid abdominal exercises or any sort of exercise which will cause even mild trauma to the abdomen.

Pregnancy Workout

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Pregnant women tend to be more flexible as compared to nonpregnant women. Hence, it’s best to require care while stretching and avoid over-stretching. Below are some best pregnancy exercises, you must try-

Warm-Up Pregnancy Workout

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Walk or march for 10 minutes. This raises the body’s core temperature. When muscles are warm, they’re less susceptible to injury and perform better. A warm-up prepares you for the activity that follows.

Stay Hydrated

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Drink tons of water before, during, and after pregnancy workout routine sessions to stop getting dehydrated. Pregnant women tend to sweat easily and therefore the water lost must be replenished.

Strength Training

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A pregnant woman can safely lift up light weights for weight training exercises. Heavyweights got to be avoided during pregnancy.

  1. Wall Sit

pregnancy exercise

Sit together with your back straight against the wall. Bend knees to make a 90-degree angle and lean forward to lower yourself as if you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. Stay during this position for 30 seconds or slightly more. Wall sit exercise gives an honest workout to your hips and thighs.

  1. Wall Press-Ups

pregnancy exercise

Stand tall to face the wall. Keep hands on the wall such they’re wider than the shoulder-width apart. Bring your chest closer towards the wall to bend your elbows then return to the starting position. Two sets of 12-15 counts are good. Wall press-up exercise gives an honest workout to the chest, at the front of the shoulder, and triceps.


There is no perfect pregnancy workout. Pregnant women can use this pregnancy workout routine as a suggestion. Stop exercising the minute you are feeling fatigued.

There are various pregnancy workout videos, books with guided step-by-step pictures. It’s an honest idea to hitch online pregnancy forums and ask other pregnant mothers with whom you’ll share and learn wonderful experiences as you nurture your baby 😉

Stay connected to the menstrual cycle blog, I’ll update more pregnancy workout tips and also, the recipes during pregnancy 😉

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