The Basics of Menstrual Cycle Days & Phases

menstrual cycle days

Females experience their underlying menstrual cycle days, typically, between the age group of 11 and 14. Starting here, some other characteristics have ordinarily evolved. Relationship Among Hormones and Menstruation The menstrual cycle days are intricate and affected by the glands just as the human hormones they produce. A mind portion known as the nerve center … Read more

Is “Wheat Belly” The Reason For Your Menstrual Cycle Symptoms?

phases of menstrual cycle

I woke up this morning expecting it to be another ordinary day. While going through my normal routine, I quickly realized that my aunt had arrived for her monthly visit. Now for most ladies, this doesn’t seem all that noteworthy. But for those of us who battle with painful menstrual cycle symptoms, considering the first … Read more