All You Need to Know About Which Pad Is Best for Periods

which pad is best for periods

There are a plethora of sanitary napkins on the market. Everything has its place. But, in terms of quality and health, I don’t believe there is anything better than organic sanitary pads. The best organic sanitary pads on the market are LAIQA, Nua, and Cremsi. It comes in a variety of sizes, and I recommend … Read more

Why Am I Suffering From Such A Heavy Period?

heavy period

When it comes to our periods, many of us would consider our menstrual cycles “normal,” but there’s a whole segment of ladies that know this flow is heavier than “normal.” A Heavy period, also referred to as menorrhagia, is characterized by blood loss of more than 8 teaspoons per cycle. Although since we don’t go around … Read more