All You Need to Know About Which Pad Is Best for Periods

There are a plethora of sanitary napkins on the market. Everything has its place. But, in terms of quality and health, I don’t believe there is anything better than organic sanitary pads. The best organic sanitary pads on the market are LAIQA, Nua, and Cremsi. It comes in a variety of sizes, and I recommend that every female try it at least once. In this article, we will cover which pad is best for periods.

Which Pad Is Best For Periods

which pad is best for periods
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Organic pads are ideal for both your health and the environment. They are environmentally friendly and include a biodegradable throw-away bag. The pads are fantastic.

Basics of Period Flow

The passage of time varies from person to person. Heavy flow occurs when you lose between sixty and eighty mili liters of blood throughout your period, which may need changing your chemical-free sanitary pads every two hours. Fortunately, some of the best sanitary pads available on the Indian market can give hours of protection, so you won’t have to worry even on high flow days.

But, before you start on which pad is best for periods or shopping for soft pads for periods, bear in mind that extremely thin sanitary pads can get oversaturated and unpleasant, especially with high flow, and you’ll want to go for a typical fully-lined pad that keeps you covered and comfortable for extended durations.

You should also examine your lifestyle considerations, such as if you like to go out a lot and require an organic cotton pad that won’t bother your skin, or whether you prefer to remain home all day and use a leak-proof overnight pad.

Types of Pads

which pad is best for periods
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The Woman’s Company offers three varieties of organic sanitary pads: a day pad, a night pad, and an adolescent pad. The day and night pads are extremely absorbent and chlorine and dioxin-free, with a biodegradable back sheet material. This product is eco-friendly and easily disposed of away, right down to the packing and wrappers.

They are fully breathable and will keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. The teen biodegradable sanitary pads in this series are perfect for young ladies just beginning out on their adventures, giving them the flexibility and space to continue with their normal activities. There are also organic cotton panty liners for when you’re on the go.

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Points to Remember When You Are After Which Pad is Best for Periods

In today’s society, several brands sell sanitary pads. There are several brands available, including whisper, Sofy, wow, Clovia, Pee safe, and many more. Clovia’s pads are fantastic in my opinion. The cotton-feel top layer with a feather-soft touch ensures a rash-free experience, as well as hygiene and comfort.

The following are the advantages of using Clovia’s sanitary napkins:

  • Rash-free technology with cotton feel top layer that feels as gentle on the skin as tissue 160mm broad back for optimum coverage
  • Large wings to help keep the pad in place and offer a better fit.
  • It is suitable for both day and night usage.
  • Super absorbent and particularly developed for high flow rates
  • Strong adhesive that remains in place all day without leaving any residue
  • Pads that are ultra-thin and do not make you feel stuffy

Which Pad Is Best for Periods?

menstrual cycle

In India, there is no scarcity of sanitary pad brands. They have evolved and designed for the ultimate comfort and care, from side wings for leaking to long-length pads for nights.

If you ask me, I was exposed to standard sanitary pads when I was young, but as I grew older, I discovered many more alternatives that suited my tastes, making it easier for me to choose sanitary pads that are both pleasant and hygienic.

I would recommend Clovia’s Gal Pal Sanitary pads since they are highly sanitary and super absorbent and available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Which Is the Best Pad for Periods?

There are numerous biodegradable napkins available nowadays, but before purchasing them, read the product description. Whether these are chlorine-free, fragrance-free, biodegradable, and have a high absorption capacity. I recently used the brands LAIQA, AZAH, and PLUSH and was quite pleased with their quality.

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Which Is the Best Pad For Heavy Periods?

menstrual cycle
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For heavy periods, LAIQA sanitary pads are ideal. LAIQA night pad is a good option. They are really incredible. I’ve been using LAIQA for 7 months and I really adore it. Because the first three days are the heaviest, I used to favor LAIQA night pads. And, even though I have to be gone all day for business, there is no worry about leakage or having to change the pad often.

If you ask me which pad is best for heavy periods, I will tell you that every lady should try LAIQA at least once. They are biodegradable, fragrance-free, and chlorine-free, so there is no need to worry about rashes or allergies.

Overall Which Is The Best Pad For Periods In India?

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Environmentalists have often stated that used sanitary pads and tampons constitute a significant hazard to the environment. This is primarily due to the compounds included in them.

How can they be healthy for you if they are damaging to the environment?

Let’s take a look at the potentially hazardous components in these feminine hygiene products.

  1. Dioxin

Think again if you believe that sanitary napkins appear white because the cotton used is white. Cotton is not white and has a creamy color. To bleach and whiten pads, manufacturers employ a chemical called dioxin.

  1. Pesticides

No, they are not sprayed directly onto the pads. Pesticides make their way into sanitary pads after being sprayed on by cotton farmers.

  1. Synthetic Perfume

You feel fresh all during your period’s thanks to scented sanitary napkins. The truth is that scent is added by producers to entice customers. They are not safe, much as other chemicals.

Sanitary Napkins and Potential Health Risks

which pad is best for periods
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  1. Inflammation of the pelvic area
  2. Ovarian cancer is a kind of cancer that affects the ovaries.
  3. Immune system dysfunction
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Infertility
  6. Thyroid dysfunction is a condition in which the thyroid gland fails to operate properly.
  7. Allergies to vaginal tissue
  8. Rashes
  9. Endometriosis is a group of diseases that affect the endometrium.

MOM N SIS is a brand that is doing an amazing job in organic sanitary pads at the most inexpensive prices when it comes to choosing the appropriate sanitary pads.

So, this is all about which pad is best for periods. I hope you will find the better one for you after reading the Menstrual cycle blog.

Here are some home treatments to assist with irregular menstruation-

  1. Papayas- papayas can be taken raw or in juice three times per day.
  2. Pineapple- Include a cup of fresh pineapples in your luncheon or prepare fresh juice and take it every day when your periods are due.
  3. Sesame seeds- Eat fried sesame seeds on a regular basis 10 to 15 days before your expected period. Take 1 teaspoon sesame seeds with hot water or honey twice a day.
  4. Sesame seeds (black) - To make Til, soak 2 tsp sesame seeds in half a cup of water overnight and drink in the morning. Repeat for the next two days.
  5. Vitamin C foods- Citrus fruits, Kiwis, and vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, and bell peppers are high in vitamin C and may be included in your regular diet.
  6. Jaggery ( Gur ) - Jaggery, when combined with ginger, sesame seed, and carom seed, is an excellent home treatment for the period delay.

For many years, people have utilized ginger for both culinary and medical purposes. It's now a popular home treatment for a number of illnesses, including menstruation cramps. It may assist with both pain and bloating because it contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Ginger is unpleasant to eat fresh, therefore making ginger tea is the most convenient method to consume it. Boil a fresh piece of peeled, sliced ginger in a pan of water for five to seven minutes to utilize this method. Before drinking, strain the tea and add honey or sugar to taste.

Wear soft sanitary pads rather than abrasive sanitary pads. The Kotex brand is excellent for this, whereas the Always brand is more likely to produce a rash.

Change your pad on a regular basis. At the very least, when you begin to feel wetness or rubbing from the pad on your skin. And at the very least three times when you are awake.

Experiment with how frequently you should replace your pad to avoid a rash. It will depend on your skin's sensitivity, among other things.

Wear loose clothes that will cause the pad to press on your genitals.

Avoid performing a lot of walking, cycling, jogging, or other strenuous activities while wearing a pad. The more movement there is, the more chafing will occur between the pad and the skin.

Pad rash therapy is the same as prevention. Furthermore, I prescribe 10–15 minute soaks in a clean tub for 10–15 minutes twice a day to maintain the genitals free of any irritating things (such as blood). After that, dry completely and follow the guidelines listed above.

Mixing Jaggery with ginger, sesame seed, and carom seed is an excellent natural home treatment for menstrual cramps. To trigger your periods, boil a spoon of turmeric in a glass of water and drink it twice a day for 10 days before your estimated date. Dates are known to raise body temperature.

You can also choose to pre-empt your periods by doing particular workouts. Squats and squat leaps are both good for your periods. Jumping squats, on the other hand, increase the strain on your abdomen, causing your periods to be more frequent. Standing Twists: Standing twists encourage the pelvic muscles to break loose, allowing you to have your periods more quickly.

Sesame seeds may be used as a home treatment to pre-empt your periods since they create a lot of heat production in your body. Simply combine one teaspoon of sesame seeds with one teaspoon of honey and consume this mixture twice or three times each day. Do this for a week before the deadline!


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