Hi, I’m Ritu, Nice To Meet You…

You‘ve come to this page, I’m guessing because you want to know a little more about the gal behind this blog. I mean, how many people decide to create a blog about your monthlies of all topics? Geesh…couldn’t she (me) have decided to blog about something slightly more entertaining? Like German chocolate cake or the Muppets?

A Little About Me…

I love good food and the Dua Lipa on the iPod. I listen to music. I sleep. I have an unhealthy love for my laptop. I make pretty pictures designed to sell stuff. I am a hopeless crafter and could easily spend a whole paycheck at the Paper Source. I read a lot. I write stuff. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry. I think that about covers it.

This blog is a labor of love that resulted from my experience. I wanted to contribute in some small way to pulling back the curtain on this sensitive, and private but essential topic. So many of us are suffering in silence simply because talking about our periods is considered an ‘impolite dinner conversation.’ Well, you can forget all of that nonsense on this here website…it’s time to start talking so we can start healing.

Unleashing Your Inner Goddess

Now’s the time to stop hiding our womanliness behind a shroud of shame and solitude. Life is so much more fun when we embrace what makes us women instead of apologizing for it or agonizing over it. So consider today the day you break free, start adoring your body, and living life to the fullest. It may sound cheesy but when you consider the alternative…which would you prefer?

I’m always researching natural methods for menstrual pain relief and sharing my discoveries here on the site. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter below and get exclusive tips, products, recipes, and tools to help you have pain-free periods and unleash your inner goddess.